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Professional & Executive Development Programs

  • Focus

    This award winning program has proven to increase the effectiveness of individuals by developing high potential talent.

  • Propel

    This award winning program has proven to increase the effectiveness of those preparing for management or have managed people for less than three years.

  • Horizon

    This award winning program has proven to increase the effectiveness of those in middle management for at least 7 years.

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Growing a business requires knowledge, overcoming challenges, advisors, and support. Join a trusted group of peers CEOs. The PowerHERhouse Circle is a mastermind group designed to help you succeed.

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This has been an amazing experience. The organizer, McPherson|Berry, has proved to share a wealth of knowledge. But not only that, they are willing to share that knowledge with participants as well as make key connections. The program has opened our eyes to how real the demand is for our business, Now it's just up to us to perform and follow through with organizations.

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CEO Strategy Planner™

This planner was design specifically for business owners or CEOs that run organizations they are ready to take to the next level. The CEO Strategy Planner™ provides serious leaders with high level view to grow their business and away from focusing on the day-to-day of working “in” the business. It is not intended to replace your calendar system. Aligning your goals to all areas of the business is important to improve your success. This tool will help you do just that! A unique aspect of this planner is that it provides a Christian perspective of affirmations and scriptures to help you bring your vision to pass. Focus on leading your business and applying strategies to drive the business results you want.

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